From a young age I fell in love with animals, watching many wildlife documentaries with mum and dad. I loved them all but my favourite was David Attenborough's. I was privileged to meet and chat with the man himself whist in my 6 year tenure as a volunteer zoo keeper at Taronga Zoo. Most of my early photography was taken at the zoo using my Konica Minolta SLR film camera and 5 rolls of film. I remember waiting patiently for the film to get developed to see how many of my images 'worked out'. From my passion of animals and also sketching using lead and charcoal on paper, I fell in love with producing monochrome images of animals. I have quite a few pets that range from feathered and furry to scaly and skinned. A lot of these I rescued. My animal gallery covers colour and monochrome wildlife and also pets. I have produced 2 exhibitions and you can find those works under the exhibition section of this website.

Wildlife in Monochrome
Wildlife in Colour
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